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Our Team

Peter P. Rainer, MD PhD
Peter studied Medicine in Graz, Austria and Florence, Italy and received his MD in 2006. After that he trained in Salzburg and Graz, Austria and conducted a multi-year postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, USA. Peter received a PhD from the Medical University of Graz and is currently Associate Professor and attending physician at the Division of Cardiology.
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Theresa Glantschnig, MD

Theresa is a part time Cardiology fellow and MD PhD student. Her interests are coronary heart disease and inflammation.

Johannes Schmid, MD

Johannes is a fellow at the Department of Radiology and conducts his MD PhD studies jointly at the Division of Cardiology. His research interests lie in cardiovascular imaging and cardiac biomarkers.

Cara Lavinia Shirin Rech, MD, MA

Lavinia conducts her PhD thesis in the CardioScience lab. She investigatesĀ  myocardial remodeling in preclinical models focusing on the multicellular inflammatory stress response to ischemia.

Lisa Mitterer, MSc BSc
Lisa is a trained molecular biologists and biomedical assistant in the CardioScience lab.

Eva Thon-Gutschi, MSc

Eva works as a biomedical assistant and with long time experience in the basic research labs of the Division of Cardiology.

Christopher Schneider

Christopher is a last year MD student conducting his thesis in the CardioScience lab. His research interests are cardiomyocyte calcium handling and cardiotoxicity of biologics.

Saskia Fiona Firla

Saskia is a last year MD student and conducts her thesis in the CardioScience team. She is interested in heart failure caused by modern cancer therapies.

Dominik Hatz
DominikĀ studies medicine and conducts his thesis in the CardioScience team. He is interested in hemodynamics and biomarkers and investigates their prognostic utility in patients with valve disease or heart failure.

Join the lab

If you are interested in joining the lab please apply with a resume and a brief letter of motivation to


Marie Sophie Huber, MD

Uwe Primessnigg, MD

Sandra Harenkamp, MD